"If the future was so vague it meant perhaps that she was destined never to see it."

— The Painted Veil, by W. Somerset Maugham

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Merry Christmas ❤ #tbt #santa

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Not Giving In- Rudimental

This time I’m going to be stronger - I’m not giving in.

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My local band #tameimpala #aussie (at El Rey Theatre)


Turn On
Tune In
Drop Out

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Martin Creed

Don’t Worry, 2008

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Listening all day.. #foals #inhale #yannisyouneedtostop


Urbex: Charbonnage HP 10

Abandoned Coal mine somewhere in Belgium.

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Mark Rothko - Untitled (Violet, Black, Orange, Yellow on White and Red),1949. Oil on canvas

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Johnny Depp & Winona Ryder

His suit reminds me of the Mask’s suit. 

"She lives the poetry she cannot write."

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4am Macca’s Run

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Sharp Shooter- Hungry Kids of Hungary


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